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For the celebrations of the 200th anniversary of the Revolution of 1821 and under the auspices of the "Greece 2021" Committee, the team "Téchne"  has organized a multimedia group-exhibition  in Art Stalker in Berlin.

Paraphrasing the title of the well-known myth with a twist, the parallelism points precisely to the search  for freedom and to the battle to conquer it; personal and social freedom, as well as their mutual relationship.

Trying to find freedom, both personally and collectively as a society, each of us is navigating labyrinths, where, like internal and external forces, the primordial beasts of impunity, promiscuity, authoritarianism, apathy and indifference, oppose the finding the exit leading  to freedom.

The thread of freedom/ Freedom’s thread  leads us into an ever-evolving labyrinth, where each illusion is constantly changing form, making  the path indifferent for some, an interesting object of knowledge for others, and a tool of exploitation for others.

In any case, freedom is not a given.

Participating Artists: 

Argyropoulou Anastasia, Bogacheva Anastasia, Bouronikos Christos, Bucco Marina, Bulat Serge, Dzierz Edita, Giovanos Alexandros, Kantartzis Konstantinos, Karamavrou Ioulitta, Kafetzi Alkistis,  Kevrekidis Giorgos, Kousteridou Dimitra, Lipp Susan,  Manousopoulou Kassiopi, Pacholec Pawel, Patrikiou Stefania, Paleologos George, Salouvardou Maria, Soutou Phaedra, Staikos Giorgos, Stiasny Helena, Zertuche Alejandro, Zipela Zoe.


Performance artists: 

Asimaki Panagiota (lyric Soprano),

Koutitsa Nikoleta (dancer and musician) prforming "Affinity"

Loizou Valentini (composer pianist),

Sokratous Elena (direction) with Anoudis Stratis (actor) and the text of "E Omada" performing "Mustache".


Catalogue "THREADS OF FREEDOM" (2nd edition)

Photo album


Missing Nature Téchne In Illuseum


A first, multimedia group-exhibition of Berlin-based, Greek and Philhellenic Artists. A first, collective and contemporary expression of Greek Art in the heart of the German capital.

The artists explore the symbiosis of humankind with the natural elements, a symbiosis, that due to the anthropocentrism of modern civilization, has become parasitic and destructive for everyone. The audience is invited to experience an internal confinement, similar to the one we have experienced in the Spring of 2020, and to face the gravity of time.

Do we have enough time to change the present?


Participating Artists: 

 Argyropoulou Anastasia, Biska Vassiliki, Chaitidis Aristoteles, Dolianiti Emmanouela, Fronista Christina, Kafetzi Alkistis, Kolotouros Petros, Margaritis Konstantine, Michailidis Michalis, Riedl J. Asuka, Salouvardou Maria, Staikos Giorgos, Tsormpatzoglou Maria, Zacharopoulos Odysseas.

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