TOGaS Téchne Online Gallery and Stage

While planning and preparing our very first group exhibition, the COVID outbreak changed the world forever. And then came the lockdown. The Berlin art life we knew seemed to evaporate in just a few nights.

The field of Arts and Culture was one of the first victims of the lockdown. We were also forced to cancel our plans for that first big exhibition.

But Téchne was founded to host the dreams and works of Berlin-based Greek and Philhellenic Artists. There was no way we would give up. So, shortly after the lockdown was introduced in Berlin, the “Téchne Online Gallery and Stage” (TOGaS) was set up on Instagram and Facebook. It would soon become a safe, art space, where our members could display and share their work.

Téchne Online Gallery and Stage. One Week for One Artist to present 6 of her or his artworks to our Instagram and Facebook friends and followers.

Eleven Weeks of Music, Theatre, Painting, Photography, Art Installations, Video Art. Eleven weeks and 66 artworks by Berlin-based Greek Artists.

Eleven Weeks of hard work and Online collaboration that brought us closer together during the dark time of the lockdown, probably the darkest time for many of us. Many new projects were born during this period. But most importantly, we had found a way to lay strong foundations for our House of Greek Art, for our Téchne.

Here, you can only experience a short version of our Téchne Online Gallery and Stage (TOGaS). For more, you are welcome to join-like-follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages. 

"Nightmare VI & II" (Charoal on Paper 30x30 Giorgos Staikos

"A Quiet Place" composed and recorded by Konstantine Margaritis

"..​she is not allowed.​." (Sculpture), Costume and Hat, "returning to myself" (Costume - Installation for a Poem of Paul Elyard) by Maria Salouvardou.

"Urban Junxtapositions" (Street Photography) by Alkistis Kafetzi

Wenn Götter das dürfen (Theater play) by Aristotelis Chaitidis

Flora No 1, 4 & 3 by (Mixed media on canvas, 100x80, 70x100, 80x80)Anastasia Argyropoulou

Surfaces (Abstract Photography) by Petros Kolotouros

Bank-Noten​! (Multilingual Kabarett) by Christina Fronista (acting, singing) & Symeon Ioannides (Piano)

""Paar", "Figure in the park", "Kurfürstenstraße" (Oil on Canvas 40x50, 43x70, 50x70) by Michalis Michailidis 

"Berliner Tango" by Thanasis Karamintzios

Another Day in Paradise - "Getting There" by Maria Tsormpatzoglou

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