RETROSPECTIVE: MISSING NATURE; TECHNE IN ILLUSEUM A week of modern Greek Art in the heart of Berlin!

The first multimedia group exhibition by the members of Téchne (Berlin Association of Greek and Philhellenic Artists) took place in Illuseum-Berlin, the museum of Illusions between August 28 and September 2, 2020.

Opening Ceremony-Vernissage

The Opening Ceremony took place on August 27,2020 in a small circle of friends due to the government measure of social distancing. The welcoming speeches were held by N. Karayianni, Director of Illuseum-Berlin, and C. Lemi, member of Téchne Org. Team. Special Thanks were addressed to the graphic designers A. Koκxia and L. Stathogiannopoulou for their creation of the exhibition key visual, the web developer A. Machairas for the co-creation of our website, and of course all participants.

The artistic part of the Vernissage was opened by “Goddess,Garbage und Gewalt”, a captivating theatrical monologue of the dramaturg Aristoteles Chaitidis. Christina Fronista, as Goddess Hera, amazed the audience with her powerful performance, both times the act took place.

„A Quiet Place II“, a suite by the composer Konstantine Margaritis, followed; the lyricism of Margaritis‘ playing, accompanied by the short choreography HiMiKo (Emmanouela Dolianiti, Asuka J.Riedl) offered the museum an uplifting energy of pure beauty. A group project that was also presented in videoart, as part of the actual exhibition.

The Exhibition

Paintings by the artists Anastasia Argyropoulou, Giorgos Staikos and Michalis Michailidis, an Installation by the sculptress Maria Salouvardou, photographs by Maria Tsormpatzoglou, together with video art exhibitis by Alkistis Kafetzi, Vassiliki Biska and Petros Kolotouros were displayed among the permanent attractions of Illuseum, creating a  harmonic blending of phantasy and Modern art! 

During the exhibition, both the museums ‘visitors and friends of modern art had the opportunity to get to know the art works of Téchne members, and in result Greek Art made in Berlin. Artists of Téchne offered guiding tours to our guests throughout the week.

Among our honourable guests who visited our exhibition were Mrs. L.Tsakona from the Greek Embassy in Berlin, Ms. E. Apegitou of the Cyprus Embassy in Berlin, and Ms. M. Printzinger of 

Closing Ceremony – Finissage 

The closing of “Missing Nature; Téchne in Illuseum” took place on September 2, 2020. The closing speeches were held by N. Karagianni of Illuseum Berlin, and A.Argyropoulou and A.Kafetzi of the Téchne Org. Team. 

The activistic art performance “Happy Animal Zoo” of Odysseas Zacharopoulos closed the curtain of the exhibition, winning a hearty applause due to Zacharopoulos act but also due to Katerina Chiotini’s direction and Yannis Stergiou’s sound design. 

The applause and the love we have been receiving since the Opening Ceremony, the wish, expressed by so many people, for more such events of modern Greek art…a fuel for all the work and time we, the Téchne Org. Team, dedicate to our vision of Téchne! A permanent Greek presence in the Arts and Culture scene of Berlin! 

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