MISSING NATURE Téchne in Illuseum


A first multimedia group exhibition of Berlin-based, Greek and Philhellenic Artists. A first, collective and contemporary expression of Greek Art in the heart of the German capital. The artists explore the symbiosis of the humankind with the natural elements, a symbiosis, that due to the anthropocentrism of the modern civilisation, has become parasitic and destructive for everyone. The audience is invited to experience an internal confinement, similar to the one we have experienced in the Spring of 2020, and to face the gravity of time. Do we have enough time to change the present?

Participating Artists: Argyropoulou Anastasia, Biska Vassiliki, Chaitidis Aristoteles, Dolianiti Emmanouela, Fronista Christina, Kafetzi Alkistis, Kolotouros Petros, Margaritis Κonstantine, Michailidis Michalis, Riedl J. Asuka, Salouvardou Maria, Staikos Giorgos, Tsormpatzoglou Maria, Zacharopoulos Odysseas.


Exhibition Duration: 28.08.2020 – 02.09.2020

Opening Hours: 10:00 – 20:00


Illuseum Berlin, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 9, 10178 Berlin

Tickets available on the Website and the box-office of Illuseum


A museum in the heart of Berlin,welcoming all generations to explore the paths our senses play with our perception of reality.



The Berlin-based Association of Greek and Philhellenic Artists, Téchne, was founded in 2019 with the aim to present and promote the contemporary spirit of Greek Art.

Through the artworks of our members, through dialogue and collaborations with other artists’ groups and cultural associations, Téchne seeks  to indicate the value of the Greek hues of the multicultural Art Scene in both Berlin and Europe.


Berlin, August 2020

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